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I find a great joy in sharing my love to music with students. I have been devoted to the study of music for more than thirty five years. My experience include teaching all ages, from pre-K, elementary to high schools and college degree levels.

The beginning student will explore basic classical guitar techniques, basic rock guitar and strumming styles.My program covers early guitar literature as well as contemporary repertoire. Throughout the years, I have created many easy guitar arrangements for children songs, pop, rock and other well known themes/hymns.I also use books by Hal Leonard, Mel Bay and other publications, which I strongly endorse.

 Some topics for beginner and intermediate

*….Tuning the guitar…

*Study of the open position notes and basic sight reading.

*Easy chords(young children).

*Finger style picking.

*Basic “folk” type and movable chords

*Rudiments of music theory and rhythms.

*Basic scales and melodic runs.

*Tone production.

Most importantly, I believe that students need to have fun in order to be motivated, so I do find myself "tailor making" a program to each one of them, according to their taste as well as individual progress. 

Topics for advanced jazz guitar will tackle issues of making the right decisions while performing in an ensemble, duet and solo settings. There is not a "prescribed remedy" for what one has to do in a given performance situation in order to be approved by his peers or audience. However, In the art of jazz music there are some clear codes of listening, interpreting and reacting to various performance interactions. These are the very things I would like to focus with my prospective guitar professionals.

Here are some common prerequisites for jazz guitar:

Guitar Harmony basics

*Triads in closed and opened voicing. 

*Basic seventh chords in drop 2 and drop 3.

*Examples for II-V-I and I VI II V progressions.

*Utilizing these examples on standard forms like blues and rhythm changes.

Line and solo development

*The modes of major, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales

*Arpeggios(Triads and seventh chords).

*Chromatic connections within the modes.

*Rhythmic displacement and the articulation of jazz lines.

* Understanding possibilities of fingering(positioning) and articulating classic solos by jazz masters.




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