"Rhythm Changes: Bars 1-4 (Three Pages)

A quick survey of classic harmonic embellishments for the first four bars of "I Got Rhythm" changes (Including TAB). These melodic patterns discuss various turn arounds from tunes like "Brownie Speaks"(Clifford Brown), "CTA"(Jimmy Heath), "Humph"(Monk) and more. Contains 3 pages and seven examples with annotations. Sample 1, sample 2. 

Rhythm Changes: Bars 1-4 of the "A" Section.-PDF

"Rhythm Changes: Bars 5-8

Another survey of various harmonic embellishments for bar 5-8. 7 examples in 2 pages Including TAB.

See Sample 1 and Sample 2.


"Rhythm Changes: Bars 5-8 of the "A" Section." (pdf)

I-VI-II-V for Bass and Melody

Six short Etudes with tabs in the key of C including melody/bass in different ratios. Eight note melody with quarter note bass, half notes etc. See a Sample.

41 - "I-VI-II-V for bass and soprano" (pdf)

"Like Someone in a Glove"

An easy four part harmony comping Etude based on "Like Someone in Love"(Van Heusen) using drop 2 and Drop 3 chords(with TAB). See a sample. or listen to a MIDI SAMPLE

43 - "Like Someone in a Glove" (pdf)

All The Things You Are..Comping(Four pages)

This one is a bass line with harmony comping etude based on the song "All The Things You Are". Including TAB and chord symbols.
see a sample
click for  MIDI SAMPLE
"All The Things You Grab"(4 Pages)

Bass Line Blues in B Flat

This is a bass and harmony comping for 12 bars blues on Bb with TAB. See a sample.

MIDI Sample

9 - Bass line blues in Bb (pdf)

B Flat Rhythm Changes Solos(Eight Pages)

Four choruses of original lines based on variations of common licks for "I Got Rhythm" changes with TAB. See a  sample.

Listen to the full MIDI FILE

Bb Rhythm Changes"(8 Pages)

Blues Etude in F(One Page)

This is an arrangement of 12 bar blues in F. Here, you will find more hip lines that are supported by 3 and 4 part harmony, as well as intervalic voice leading and supporting bass line. See a sample.

F Blues Etude

Blues in C(Seven Pages)

These seven examples are a collection of long bop lines over blues in C without rests-Including TAB. Download example 1 for free

MIDi Sample 1

MIDI Sample 2

MIDI Sample 3

MIDI Sample 4

MIDI Sample 5

MIDI Sample 6

MIDI Sample 7

C Blues 7

Blues in G(one page)

12 bar blues in G with TAB. Please check audio here


G Blues 1

Bop Licks I VI II V in C(Seven pages)

14 bop licks for this essential chord progression with common subs. Including TAB.See a sample.

1625 bop Licks

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