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"Rhythm Changes: Bars 1-4 (Three Pages) - $2.00

A quick survey of classic harmonic embellishments for the first four bars of "I Got Rhythm" changes (Including TAB). These melodic patterns discuss various turn arounds from tunes like "Brownie Speaks"(Clifford Brown), "CTA"(Jimmy Heath), "Humph"(Monk) and more. Contains 3 pages and seven examples with annotations. Sample 1, sample 2. 

"Rhythm Changes: Bars 5-8 - $2.00(Two pages)

Another survey of various harmonic embellishments for bar 5-8. 7 examples in 2 pages Including TAB.

See Sample 1 and Sample 2.


I-VI-II-V for Bass and Melody - $3.00(Two pages)

Six short Etudes with tabs in the key of C including melody/bass in different ratios. Eight note melody with quarter note bass, half notes etc. See a Sample.

"Like Someone in a Glove" - $2 (Two pages).

An easy four part harmony comping Etude based on "Like Someone in Love"(Van Heusen) using drop 2 and Drop 3 chords(with TAB). See a sample.

All The Things You Are Comping(Four pages) - $2

A bass line with harmony comping etude based on the song "All The Things You Are". Including TAB and chord symbols.
see a sample

B flat Rhythm Changes(2 pages) - $2

32 bars(in two pages) of B flat change with TAB and chord symbols. See a sample.

Bass Line Blues in Bb - $2

This is a bass and harmony comping for 12 bars blues on Bb with TAB. See a sample.

Bb Rhythm Changes Solos(Eight Pages) - $4

Four choruses of original lines based of variations of common licks for "I Got Rhythm" changes with TAB.See a sample.

Blues Etude in F(One Page) - Price:$2.99

This is an arrangement of 12 bar blues in F. Here, you will find more hip lines that are supported by 3 and 4 part harmony, as well as intervalic voice leading and supporting bass line. See a sample.

Blues in C(Seven Pages) - $5.99

These seven examples are a collection of long bop lines over blues in C without rests-Including TAB. See a sample.

Blues in G(one page) - Price:$1.99

12 bar blues in G with TAB. Please check audio here


Bop Licks I VI II V in C(Seven pages) - $5.99

14 bop licks for this essential chord progression with common subs. Including TAB.See a sample.

C Eb7 Ab Db7 licks(Seven Pages) - $5.99

14 examples of super melodic licks for the I bIII bVI bII in C(AKA Ladybird Turnaround) with TAB. See a sample.

C minor Blues(One page) - $1.29

Twelve bars solo on C minor blues in one position with TAB. Great lines and easy to read! Click for a sample.

C Minor Etude (One Page) - Price:$2.99

This is an arrangement of 12 bar blues in C minor. Here, you will find some hip lines that are supported by 3 and 4 part harmony, as well as intervalic voice leading and supporting bass line. See a sample.

D7 Db7 C6 Licks(Seven pages) - $5.99

14 examples of super melodic licks for D7 Db7 C Progressions with TAB. See a sample.

Descending Bb dominant scales(Seven Pages) - $4.99

A collection of eight note scales for Bb dominant(Bb7)runs  that resolve to Eb Major chords. Click for Free Sample

Dm7 G7 C licks(Seven pages) - $4.99

Eight Note jazz scales in Bb (Ten pages) - $7.99

A collection of 49 variations of bebop scales with double stops, approach notes, diatonic skips and combinations of descending chromatic and diatonic runs in Bb Major.Click to view a sample.

Etude from Nowhere(Out of Nowhere) - $2(Two pages).

A slow etude for bass and soprano solo lines based on "Out of Nowhere"(Johnny Green), including TAB, notes and chord symbols. This is a non traditional counterpoint arrangement. See a sample.

Fast Lines for I VI II V in C (free audio) - Price:$4.39

In this practice you will find nine examples of non rest, fast lines for I VI II V in C major. Each harmonic degree takes a space of one bar so you will get 36 bars of common melodic bop lines in total.

 Click HERE for a sample and the complete downloadable Audio Sample. The best way for anyone to utilize these licks is to practice them in all keys and then inserting rests, repetitions, double stops in order to create new lines.

Including TAB, chord symbols and suggested finger positions.

Four Part F Major Intros(one Page) - Price:$2.99

Two four bars intros of 4 bars each in F major with TAB and chord symbols. Here you have some strong melodies with simple supporting chords. You can click here to see the first few bars.

G7 Licks #1 (One page) - $2.99

These are essential diatonic(inside) licks that are based on connections between G Mixolydian and suspended intervalic leaps such as fourths and fifths etc. Here you will get four licks of 4 bars each with TAB. Click for a sample.

G7 Licks #2 (One page) - $2.99

Same as above with  four more variations of 4 bars each. click for a sample.

Guitar Intros-Free!! - Free!!

Eight examples of chords and melody lines over common jazz progressions. These introductions(Four pick up bars) are meant to be played before any standards. The Examples are in the keys of C, F and G. Including TAB and a brief survey for each exercise. 


II-V-I Walkin Master - $2(Two ages)

This is an essential survey of how to connect a bass line with a simple voice leading of a standard jazz harmony.It starts with a quick explanation about the basics of how to build a hipper  and melodic bass line.

In A Mellow Tone(a Guitar Etude) - Free!!

Here is an arrangement of chords with melody for the classic Duke Ellington tune. Including TAB.


Just Friends(Two Pages) - $2.00

One chorus on the classic "just Friends" with multiple positions and TAB.

For a video clip please go to (first chorus only):LINK

Line building for II-V-I (Eight pages) - $6

These examples describe how to build a clear melody over standard V I and II V I progression using approach tones ,chromatic and diatonic scales motion. This should guide your ears to "hear" and understand how to outline common jazz harmonies. Including TAB, short annotations, chord symbols and examples of sub harmonies. Please click for a sample page.

Lines for I VI II V in C with Melody/Bass(One Page) - Price:$2.39

Bop Lines for I VI II V in C that are supported by a bass note. The bass notes on are played on beat 1 and 3 and other accents as well. Including TAB.

Continuous Melodic Lines for Giant Steps(six pages) - $8.99

These are five solos of continuous melodic Lines for Giant Steps with a forward page that describes how to practice these licks and create your own lines in the process.

Blues in F Booklet(seven pages) - $7.99

Five solos for blues in F of continuous eight note lines with no rests. Please click here for free introduction and suggested practice topics.