Avi Rothbard: Guitarist, Composer


Dear Visitor,

First off, welcome to my website! I hope you will find it fun and remember to take advantage on the free downloads on the audio page!

This has been a month of social media outreach for me and my head is spinning already.. I have to say that I am starting to have a little fun with promoting my self and getting over the usual guilt trip of harassing people for supporting my cause and my music!

Please read on...

My song has made it to the final stage of The John Lennon Songwriting Award!!

Please listen and cast your vote for my song every 24 hours (between 4/1-4/30)and win an Epiphone Casino. More votes You make, more chances you have to win!


Voting is easy as 1.2.3!

1)go to  http://www.jlsc.com/vote 

2)choose my song from the jazz category(if you like it).


..NowYou don't have to do this step.. but you can submit a valid email address to enter to win an Epiphone John Lennon Special Edition 1965-and you are done. 




Avi Rothbard endorses daddario